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Physical Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Physical Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease often causes people to think of confusion and disorientation as predominant symptoms.  While it is true that these are some of the most prolific difficulties brought on by Alzheimer’s, the disease can manifest itself physically before mental or emotional symptoms become evident. Here are some things to look for: Difficulty completing regular tasks… Read more

The Benefits of Being a Volunteer

Former religious leader and author Gordon Hinckley once said, “One of the great ironies in life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” Volunteers play a vital role in spreading kindness within our communities and helping those less fortunate than themselves, and senior citizens… Read more

Keeping your Mind Sharp as you Age

Smiling Seniors

Did you know that your brain actually shrinks in size as you age? Over the years, it can lose up to 10% of its size – meaning that regular exercise is needed to help your brain stay strong and healthy. In fact, older adults may benefit the most from activities that help to foster good… Read more

Don’t Just Stand There – Do Something!

Residents stretching during senior living activities

Living an active lifestyle has many health benefits that can lead to a longer, happier life. If, however, you are not getting enough exercise, you may be at greater risk for serious conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, and depression. Understanding the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle will go a long way towards promoting… Read more

When is the Right Time to Retire?

Are you retired? Thinking of retiring? Once they hit their 60’s, many begin to feel like they want to eliminate the hustle and stress of employment in favor of a more laid-back lifestyle. In fact, a study from the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health indicates that there are physical and mental benefits to… Read more

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