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Tips to Selling: Try Listing Your Home in Fall or Winter

Tips to Selling: Try Listing Your Home in Fall or Winter

Sold sign in front of house

When is the best time to sell your home? Most people assume that they must wait until spring or summer in order to put their home on the market. While the summer months may bring slightly higher prices, it is also the time when the market is most flooded with other listings. So, while your… Read more

Understanding the Value of Safety and Security

Senior couple

Once the decision to sell a home and transition to a retirement community has been made, the real questions begin. As you start researching available options for your loved ones, you will quickly learn that there are many important factors at play that need to be researched – and one of the most important involves… Read more

Car Key Conundrum: What’s the Right Way to Take Them Away?

Car key passing hands

Age alone is never reason enough to take away a person’s freedom to drive. As people get older, though, they develop a greater risk for mental and physical illnesses that could have a negative effect on their ability to operate a vehicle. If you know a loved one whose driving performance has declined, it may… Read more

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