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Senior Living - A Blog About the Primrose Lifestyle.

Posts of Positivity

Primrose staff member and senior woman walking

Maintaining happy and healthy living environments for our resident isn’t just part of the Primrose Mission, it is what our staff members strive for during every shift of work. Primrose staff members are the reason that our residents are able to exclaim ‘THIS IS LIVING!’ Please take a few moments to enter your post of… Read more

A checklist for a smooth transition when moving to assisted living

side view of senior man holding cardboard box and helping wife pack things

Sponsored content by Maxine Nunes, Brand Ave. Studios contributing writer Moving from your home to an assisted living community is a significant transition that takes time, careful planning and physical work you’ll want help with. It can also be an emotional experience as you sort through a lifetime of memories and meaningful possessions. “There are… Read more

You’re thinking about a retirement community — but which type is right for you?

seniors researching senior living options on a computer

Sponsored content by Maxine Nunes, Brand Ave. Studios contributing writer Moving into a retirement community is one of life’s major transitions. And — like moving into your first apartment or buying your first home — it’s a decision made to enrich your life. As you consider the move, keep in mind that the term “retirement… Read more

Embracing Active Aging: The Health Benefits for Senior Citizens

Two senior citizens exercising in the wellness center

As senior living experts with over three decades of experience, Primrose has witnessed firsthand the remarkable transformations that occur when older adults embrace an active lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll delve into the profound health benefits that come with staying active as we age. With advancements in technology making it easier than ever to incorporate… Read more

Unlocking the Treasure Trove of Wisdom: Learning from Our Senior Population

Grandmother baking with grandchildren in the kitchen

In a world often fixated on youth and novelty, there exists a hidden treasure trove of wisdom often overlooked—the insights, experiences, and knowledge of our senior population. With over three decades of experience in the senior living industry, our team members have had the privilege of interacting with and learning from countless seniors, each holding… Read more

Navigating the Delicate Transition: Seniors and Driving

Senior couple getting help unloading groceries from their vehicle

The decision for seniors to give up their car keys is a delicate and often challenging transition. Driving represents independence and freedom, so the prospect of relinquishing this privilege can be emotionally charged for both the senior and their family. This blog aims to provide comprehensive insights, strategies, and considerations for families dealing with this… Read more

What is it like living in a Silver Lace Memory Care neighborhood?

Primrose residents mixing baking ingredients while a Primrose staff member looks on.

What is it like living in a Silver Lace Memory Care neighborhood? Silver Lace Memory Care by Primrose residents thrive in structured and predictable environments. By providing residents with as much consistency as possible within their day, we are providing them with greater confidence and a greater sense of security. Primrose Retirement Communities embrace the… Read more

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