When a parent is struggling to maintain his or her independence at home, it can be difficult to bring up the topic of assisted living. For you, keeping your loved ones safe, protected, and happy during their retirement age is number one on your priority list, which is why it might be time to have a conversation about them moving into a senior living facility.  

Being honest, respectful, and direct is the best approach, but you may still be nervous to broach the subject, especially if you think your parent(s)are not open to this idea.

To help you get started, here are some tips on how to talk to aging parents about senior living: 

Consider the Setting and Stay Positive 

Choose an appropriate place for this discussion. Will your loved one be more at ease in his or her favorite restaurant or coffee shop? Or is the privacy of home the best setting?   

When everyone is comfortable in their surroundings, the stage is set for a more productive discussion. Remember, too, that this conversation is about the health and wellness of your loved one. You obviously love this individual and want a better quality of life for her or him (or both). Be sure to tell your mother or father this during the discussion.   

Be Open and Honest 

It’s so important to share your concerns and fears and to do so in a loving manner. Give specific examples of why you believe an assisted living facility will provide a better option than staying at home. 

Things you say may include: “You took the wrong medicine dosage twice last week,” or “lately, I’ve been over 2-3 times a week to help you out, and I’m concerned what might happen if I’m not here to answer your call the next time you need something.”  

Again, this can be a difficult conversation to have, and your loved ones may react in one of several different ways: 

  • They may deny that there is a problem. 
  • They may become angry or confused about you questioning their ability to be independent. 
  • They may accept the truth that they need help. 
  • They may shut down and refuse to discuss the situation any further.  

Regardless of the reaction, they deserve to know the truth, even if it takes time for them to think things through. 

Provide Solutions 

Finding a resolution to the issue is more important than the issue itself. Talk with your loved ones about possible solutions that you can achieve together. Make this a discussion, not a one-sided conversation. 

And remember, just like you have concerns about their safety, they, too, will have concerns about moving out of a home they’ve lived in for so many decades. Their worries about losing their independence may come up, as well. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss how moving to a senior living facility will offer them more freedom to do the activities they love, as well as allow them to join a vibrant community of friends and neighbors who work to make each day better than the last. 

Expand the Conversation 

Knowing how to talk to aging parents about senior living communities like Primrose is easier than you think. We offer several tour options that allow you and your loved ones to explore our spacious apartments and townhome villas, not to mention the exclusive amenities your loved ones will have access to, including a bistro, library, theater, wellness center, cafe, chapel, and so much more!  

We also offer some incredible resources to show you the benefits of moving to a retirement community like Primrose. We’ve listed a few below, but be sure to visit our blog page for more helpful articles like these:  

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a tour of one of our Primrose locations, contact our team today! We know that you and your loved ones will be happy you did.