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Moving into a retirement community is one of life’s major transitions. And — like moving into your first apartment or buying your first home — it’s a decision made to enrich your life. As you consider the move, keep in mind that the term “retirement community” encompasses several different types of living situations, each fulfilling a very different need.

Primrose, one of America’s most respected retirement communities, offers three distinctly different choices. Which one is right for you?

Independent Living

Independent living apartment with dining room and separate living room

You’re in pretty good health, able to lead an active life on your own, and you’ve earned the freedom to enjoy doing what you love, whether it’s fitness classes, social activities, arts and crafts or simply relaxing. Independent living communities offer some important advantages over living on your own. One is freeing yourself from the expense and hard work of maintaining your home.

At Primrose, you can choose a beautiful one- or two-bedroom apartment or townhome that provides all the privacy and pleasure you’ve always enjoyed. Each residence has a complete kitchen, so you can cook for yourself, even entertain if you like — but you can also enjoy delicious, healthy meals served in the sociable atmosphere at the community’s dining room. Another great benefit to independent living is that you’ll belong to a warm, welcoming community, where it’s easy to make new friends and have an active social life.

Assisted Living

Assisted living apartment with kitchenette and separate bedroom

Could you use some help with daily activities like bathing, getting dressed or managing your medications? Would you like housekeeping and laundry services? Do you need transportation for things like shopping or appointments outside the community? Is having a 24-hour staff, available for emergencies, important for your safety and well-being?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then assisted living is ideal for you. You’ll still enjoy many of the advantages of independent living — your own private apartment, community amenities and activities — but you’ll also have the help you need to make life easier and more secure.

Memory Care

Memory care apartment with bedroom and kitchenette

If you or a loved one is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other type of memory impairment, you’ll find the best possible care and quality of life at Silver Lace Memory Care, available at select Primrose communities.

Specialized staff have been trained in the most advanced techniques for people with cognitive impairment and decline. The staff are compassionate and respectful and use a person-centered approach that accepts and supports each individual as they are, while providing appropriate, life-enriching opportunities.

The apartment suites at Silver Lace are designed with that philosophy in mind. The decor provides the assuring warmth of home, enhanced with the personal mementoes that can mean so much to those with impairment.

Continuum of Care

Many Primrose communities offer all three types of senior living. So, if, as sometimes happens, your needs change with age, you will not have to make another big move — you can remain in the community where you’re already at home.

 “At Primrose, we understand the value of having a continuum of care within our communities. Our commitment to providing residents with familiar faces and surroundings ensures a seamless transition as their needs evolve. By fostering strong relationships with our dedicated staff and maintaining a comforting environment, we empower residents to embrace additional assistance while preserving their independence,” said Dedi Wood, executive vice president, nursing and memory care.

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