On the seventh episode of the ‘Visits from the Heart’ series BJ Schaefbauer, President of Primrose Retirement Communities, enjoys a lively visit with Karen in Gillette, WY. Karen has lived at Primrose for six years. She misses driving her car as she’s very active around town as a master gardener, a county court bailiff, and volunteering at the local arts and entertainment venue.

BJ: What’s been the hardest thing for you these last few weeks, last month or so, month and half?

Karen: Not being able to get in my car and go out wherever I want to go.

BJ: It’s really hard isn’t it?

Karen: Yeah. I have a son and daughter-in-law here though, so they’ve kept me supplied with stuff. I haven’t suffered.

BJ: Yeah, so have you been able to see your son quite a bit?

Karen: I’ve seen him about every week. Actually, my apartment is on first floor and I’ve got a patio and so he just comes to the patio.

BJ: That works, that’s awesome.  If you had your daughters there with you today, what would you say to them right now?

Karen: I love you.

BJ: Ah, there you go.

Karen: I talk to the one in Wisconsin, I probably talk to her three or four times a week. And the other one a couple times usually. We’ve always been close. Actually, my Michigan daughter and granddaughter were here just a week before things closed down.

BJ: Oh perfect, at least you got to see them. Nice.

Karen: My granddaughter is a college girl and she was on spring break, and so they came to see me.

BJ: How’s the staff at Primrose been for you?

Karen: I love them all. They’re great, they’re a good bunch.

BJ: What’s your favorite thing about Primrose?

Karen: That I don’t have to worry about outside maintenance. Which is good because I ended up doing a lot of that, my husband had a lot of health problems. I like doing the yard but there’s thing that need done, you know painting and all kinds of maintenance stuff. So it’s good not have to do anything.

BJ: When we get through all of this and we feel like everything’s opened back up, is there anything that you are wanting to do that you haven’t been able to do?

Karen: Um yeah, get in my car and go get flowers to put in the courtyard.

BJ: You just want to get in that car and drive around, don’t you? Well, hey listen Karen, I’m really glad you’re at Primrose. I’m glad you’ve been there as long as you have and I’m glad you enjoy it. I certainly appreciate you taking the time to visit with me today.

Karen: That’s great.

BJ: Alright.