The third episode of the ‘Visits from the Heart’ series features Primrose Retirement Communities CFO Brian Morgan interviewing Waneta M., an independent living resident of Primrose Retirement Community. Waneta is 102 and shares from her heart as one of our treasured residents.

Brian: Waneta we appreciate you taking the time to visit with us today.

Waneta: Thank you

Brian: Yeah

Waneta: I’m pleased to do it.

Brian: Good

Waneta: I have a lots of time.

Brian: Well say, we just wanted to sit down and visit with you, ask you a few questions. Would you like to share with us what has been the hardest thing for you in these last few weeks?

Waneta: I’m so happy that I’m here to begin with. I don’t think I could feel any safer any place else. But its been very good. If this is the way it has to be then I’m all for it. I’m happy here, they feed us well, too well. I think I’m gonna get rid of my scales. But I do exercise, I’m still trying to do that when they have an activity here and also in my apartment. I couldn’t ask for anything more, actually.

Brian: Can you tell us a couple of things during this time, things that have kept you positive?

Waneta: Yes, I talked to my family Saturday, one in Oklahoma City, my son, and my daughter, about 25 miles out of Decatur

Brian: Is there anything you’ve done or the staff have done to keep you guys positive?

Waneta: We still have our parties on Friday where we walk out in the hallways. I always wind up with a candy bar or a root beer or whatever.

Brian: If there is something you could say to the Primrose staff, Waneta, what would you say?

Waneta: They don’t do things like I would do them but I’m so glad someone else is doing it. I’m not too hard to please.

Brian: What’s the first thing you are going to say or do with your family?

Waneta: Probably go to my granddaughter who lives just outside of Decatur. And, she and her husband have the two little girls, and my daughter is the mother of that family, will be there. We’ll just, well hopefully its warm enough that we can get in the pool.