Primrose presents Visits From The Heart series, Episode 2

BJ: Your mother Mary at Primrose, what can you tell me about her?

Scott: Well I just talked to her not too long ago. And she’s 92 and her message to me this afternoon was  even with everything going on I’m very content here, the people are very nice, the food is good, I live day by day and I’m still enjoying life.

BJ: That’s awesome, that’s good to hear. We’re worried about the residents at this time with the things that are going on. Good, good. So is there anything in particular that you feel like the Primrose staff has done to give you peace of mind during this time?

Scott: Yeah you know the executive director, she sends out an update periodically and its good, I mean I can also call her. She’s very open. The others are very caring and I think they got a good attitude and the community seems like it’s very friendly and warm. Like mom said, all I can ask as she told me today in her own words is ‘I’m very content’ and that’s all I can ask.

BJ: We pride ourselves in having good people we care about people, we care about our residents, that’s our passions. This is all we do. What’s been the biggest challenge in your mind these last couple of weeks with regard to your mother being at Primrose?

Scott: I’m concerned about the social, you know she’s a very social lady, and always has been. She’s always been in two or three bridge clubs and, you know, had her groups that did something different everyday. She hasn’t complained to me about it but I’m concerned that the longer that this goes on, you know, its hard for her. She can maybe wave at somebody down the hall but she is one that thrives on that social activity like being around people. Again I’m not hearing this from her but that’s what I would be concerned about that she’d be missing that.

BJ: And that makes sense, I mean this is difficult times right now so. Do you and your mother have any plans? What’s the first thing you want to do when we get through this?

Scott: I’ve got three brothers, she’s got four boys. We’ve tried to rotate so somebody is visiting her there every month. And so we haven’t been able to do that for a couple of months. So the very next thing I want to do is go down there and visit her.

BJ: Sure.