We recognize Cindy Westberg, a caregiver in Wausau, Wisconsin, as our first quarter Primrose Difference Maker. She was nominated by her Executive Director, Brandan Benzing. Cindy has been with Primrose for over eight years.

Cindy has such tremendous passion and provides amazing care to our residents. Recently, we had two residents pass away at their home at Primrose. When I spoke with the families, they were very thankful for us and all that was provided for their loved ones. However, they both shared comments about Cindy. The families went out of their way to single out Cindy and wanted to specifically thank her for all she did for their loved ones. It was truly amazing to hear how impactful one of our caregivers has been on both these families, and I know there are many more! What I have never seen is someone also singled out in an obituary. Below is a statement from one of the resident’s obituaries.

“The children would like to express their gratitude to Cindy at Primrose Retirement Community for bringing out his feisty side in his last few months of life.”

Cindy goes above and beyond with all our residents, but especially with our new residents. A lot of times, when new residents move in, they are very nervous and sometimes skeptical of moving to a community like ours. Cindy will go out of her way to introduce herself and sit and chat with them. She wants to know their likes, dislikes, schedule preferences, and anything else that matters to them. She treats every resident as if they are the only person she is taking care of. And that’s truly special! She comes to Primrose every day with such a positive attitude and willingness to assist wherever it’s needed.

She believes the best way to have someone learn or improve in their role is through guidance. Cindy has been employed with Primrose for some time now and has been through and has seen a lot of changes. She is a great resource for our staff, especially our newer staff. She does a great job training and mentoring our newest caregivers to be the best caregivers we can possibly be and give the compassion and care possible to our wonderful residents.

Again, I was truly amazed and taken aback by how impactful Cindy was and is to our residents. It is people like her that truly instill the Primrose Mission to provide the best care and support in the world to our amazing residents. Cindy is an expert at it!