Get the support and care you need on your schedule! As more Americans are discovering the benefits of telehealth solutions, Primrose is proud to offer our assisted living residents Avel eCARE® Senior Care telehealth services. 

Benefits include:

  • Around-the-clock access to a team of geriatric-trained clinical providers right in your apartment
  • Monitoring of your urgent care needs and collaboration with your primary care physician when necessary
  • Reducing transfers to the emergency room or hospital, allowing you to be cared for in a familiar setting by staff members who understand your unique needs
  • Helping you get needed treatment sooner
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How Does the Avel eCARE Work?
If you become ill, fall, or have questions about medications, Avel eCARE Senior Care providers are available to see you via a two-way video camera.

The Primrose nursing team will determine if an Avel eCARE visit is necessary. Avel eCARE Senior Care providers can order medications, lab work, and imaging studies. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that high-quality, attentive care is only a phone call away.

How Is My Primary Doctor Involved?
Each time you are evaluated by Avel eCARE Senior Care, your primary care physician receives a letter about your condition and any care given treatment.  This service is in collaboration with the care being provided by your primary care physician.

Dedi Wood, Registered Nurse and Primrose Executive Director of Nursing says, "Avel eCare, when used to the maximum, can streamline the amount of time we have to wait for a call back from local clinics, allow us to get medications ordered and administered more quickly, and keep residents from the stress and cost of going to the hospital."

Will Avel eCARE Senior Care Program Honor My Care Wishes?
Absolutely. Avel eCARE Senior Care is an active advocate for patient care and patient choice. Our community staff works directly with Avel eCARE Senior Care to convey established care plans and ensure your wishes are honored.

Where Can I Learn More?
We are happy to provide additional information regarding this very valuable resource upon request.

Will You Charge My Insurance?
The care is included in your monthly rental fee and not charged to your insurance carrier.

Can My Family Be Present for a Telehealth Consultation?
Absolutely! We encourage your family to be present and involved in your care.

Will Your Senior Living Staff Honor My Care Wishes?
Yes. Senior Living is an active advocate for patient care and patient choice. Your local Primrose team works directly with Avel eCARE staff to convey established care plans and ensure your wishes are honored.

Please contact the Primrose Sales Director at (419) 224-1200 for any additional questions.