Sometimes family members act as caregivers for seniors with health issues.  This can be physically and emotionally taxing, especially when working with someone whose condition requires an advanced level of care that you can no longer provide.

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For some, the idea of having to care for the people who raised them and took care of their needs for so long proves to be both confusing and heartbreaking.  For others, looking after the physical needs of older loved ones may be impossible because they are in a different location, they are attending their own children’s activities, they do volunteer activities, or they have work responsibilities.  They are unable to take care of them no matter how much they would like to help.

No matter the situation, it is difficult to see loved ones begin to decline as they age.  It can be even harder when they reach a point where they need to move from a home they may have been in for generations into an unfamiliar retirement community setting.  Sometimes feelings of guilt accompany such decisions.  “How could I do this to my parents?”  “The only memories of my dad that my mom has left are in this house, isn’t it cruel to make her leave?”

Becoming safer and restoring relationships

During these difficult times, it is important to remember that there is only so much you can do for a loved one in decline.  Do not lose sight of the fact that you did not cause their illness, and that sometimes professional care is necessary.  It is hard to know the progression of an aging parent’s health.  Without professional supervision, issues such as dementia and limited mobility can pose significant health risks.  Assisted living offers all of the necessary healthcare options for your senior loved ones in a community setting that allows for fellowship and activity.

Remember that very few aging parents or spouses would want their loved ones to give up their normal, everyday lives in favor of taking care of their needs.  By helping your loved ones make a move to a retirement community like Primrose, you ensure that they will be taken care of.  Your relationship can get back to that of parent-child as opposed to child-caregiver.  Additionally, you will find yourself a part of an incredible care team instead of having to endure all of the stress and responsibility on your own.

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