On the ninth episode of the ‘Visits from the Heart’ series Jim Thares, Founder and CEO of Primrose Retirement Communities, enjoys a visit with George and Mary in Zanesville, OH. These Primrose residents hail from West Virginia and are ready to be able to get out and about again soon.

Jim: First of all, thank you for taking some to visit with me today. I enjoy getting to talk to some of the residents. What has been different in your life?

Mary: A whole lot. Not able to get out and go to the grocery store, take ourselves to our appointments, other that that.

Jim: Being independent living residents you still want to be active and being contained has been a challenge, hasn’t it?

Mary: Yeah

Jim: I understand that George is a woodworker, like to tinker with woodworking. You still get to do some of that, or that’s on hold too?

George: I carve figures and things like that. But lately we’ve been building doll house. And we have built three doll houses and two farms so far. And we’re in the process of trying to pick out another one. We’ve donated two of the little barnyards to the kids down the road and we have one that’s going to the hospital to the pediatric ward.

Jim: If you had a chance to say to the staff there at Primrose, what would you like to share with them?

Mary: Well you have a wonderful staff here. There isn’t anything that we can ask of them that they aren’t willing to get. They are limited to what they are able to do and we’ve been well satisfied.

Jim: Is there anything that we could to better? Or something you feel we could be doing better at to help you during this?

Mary: Yeah, you can come and cut my hair.

Jim: You know, that has been the one biggest concern or complaint that we’ve had, not allowing the beautician in. That has been a big challenge. My mother is one of them. Have you had much interaction with your children?

Mary: Yes, everyday.

Jim: Perfect, well that’s good.

Mary: I can’t touch them. I can’t hug them. I can’t wait for that day.

Jim: I was going to say, what’s going to happen that first day you can?

Mary: Oh wow, I’m gonna like that day. I’m going to be happy that day.

Jim: You bet, I think that as much as we have technology, just that social interaction and personal (touch) is really missing in all our lives.

Mary: Nothing can take the place of that hug.