In the eighth episode of the ‘Visits from the Heart’ series, Brian Morgan, Primrose Retirement Communities CFO meets Bob and Claudette S. They raised eight children in Pueblo, CO, and only one was a girl. She was the ‘boss’ Claudette boasts. Bob was a lifelong educator and Claudette later became a nurse. They share some insight, wisdom, and of course, some laughter with Brian.

Brian: I appreciate both of you taking the time today to visit with me. Bob and Claudette, maybe just tell me a little bit about the both of you and maybe your family, and how long you’ve been at Primrose.

Claudette: First off, we’ve been here about seven months. And we’ve done really well, we enjoy it.

Brian: Good.

Bob: I guess I’ve been here about seven months also.

Claudette: I mean we’ve lived together so long. We’ve been married for 64 years. We don’t usually fight, sometimes we do argue.

Bob: We threw the boxing gloves away a long time ago.

Claudette: Life has been good to us. Here is a wonderful place to be.

Brian: Over these last few weeks, during this situation, what’s been the hardest for you?

Claudette: I was raised on a farm and its real hard for me to just be caught inside.

Brian: Claudette, what would you say to our staff if you had a chance?

Claudette: I enjoy them all. They are always ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’ when we need them.

Bob: I usually try to be complimentary and tell them they are doing a great job. And with range of people you have here, ages and everything like that, it’s a hard job.

Brian: If you could say something to your family right now, what would it be?

Claudette: I’d love to see you all the time.

Brian: Bob, how about you? What would you say to your family right now?

Bob: Keep it on the sunny side. No matter what your problems are, there’s somebody out that there has problems worse than you have. A lot of times you didn’t even know it because they were always smiling, and happy, and so forth.

Claudette: He’s a joker.

Bob: It’s a good stress melter. They keep me here for that.

Claudette: He keeps us laughing.

Bob: Laugh so we keep from crying.

Brian: That’s right, you know we all need laughter. We all need smiles on our faces. And I guess what I want to say to both of you is thank you. Together, along with your family, in addition with your Primrose family, we’ll get through this. It is a difficult time but we will get through this.

Bob: Thank you very much.

Brian: Thank you.