On the fifth episode of the ‘Visits from the Heart’ series Jim Thares, Founder and CEO of Primrose Retirement Communities, sits down to visit with Wayne and Sallie in Gillette, WY. This happily married couple lives at Primrose and boasts about kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and one great-great-grandchild!

Jim: Well good afternoon, I’m Jim Thares and if you don’t know who I am, I’m the founder and CEO of Primrose Retirement Communities, the guy that had the idea a long time ago to build these communities. It’s a pleasure to get to meet both of you, Wayne and Sally today, and visit a little bit during these times (on) how things are going. How has it been during these times, that’s different than before?

Sallie: They probably been better here than they might’ve been somewhere else because everybody’s taking good care and they try to keep everybody busy and active and locked down. I think if we were home we would alone. In here we have other people even though we can’t visit, really, but still we have a lot of people around. I think that’s better.

Wayne: And they are 100% nice people.

Jim: What would you say to the staff if you had an opportunity to talk to them all?

Wayne: Change nothing.

Sallie: You know what? In the time we’ve been here, we’ve been here for five months, and we have never met any on the staff that haven’t been friendly and helpful. Amazing! I’ve never seen one (staff member) grumpy here. ­­­

Jim: How about staying in touch with family? Have you had the opportunity to stay in touch with kids? I see you have quite a few kids and grandkids. Are you able to somehow communicate some with them?

Sallie: We have two sons that live here right now and one that goes to Arizona for the winter. And the two that live here also have their families here. We’ve talked on the phone and we visited with both them outdoors since we’ve been able to do that. Yeah, we’re keeping up.

Jim: Keeping in touch, that’s good. I’m glad you’re able to that. What’s the first thing you are going to do with your kids once you’re out of quarantine or once this gets over?

Sallie: Well I don’t know, depends on when it gets over. We have a granddaughter who was married on March 11th, and that’s the last time we’ve been out. And they got married at the courthouse and they’re going to have a celebration on the (May) 30th. So we’re hoping to be there.

Jim: By then, yeah.

Sallie: That’s our number one goal.

Wayne: We’ve got a lot of things like new haircuts, you know.

Jim: Well you know, guys like us, it don’t take a lot!