In the eleventh episode of the ‘Visits from the Heart’ series, Brian Morgan, Primrose Retirement Communities CFO has a cheerful visit with Mariyln C. Marilyn and her husband move into Primrose of Kokomo, IN earlier this year just as the pandemic began. We hope that Marilyn’s cheery attitude brings a smile to your face and lifts your spirits as much as it did ours.

Brian: Thanks for taking the time today to sit down and visit with me. I certainly appreciate your time.

Marilyn: Well thank you!

Brian: I just wanted to ask you a few questions. I understand that you and your husband Bill moved into our community back in January, correct?

Marilyn: Yes, yes, right before COVID. It’s been a good experience for both of us. We moved out so fast, I had a little tiny breakdown when we moved in but that didn’t last. I was just blown away by all the stuff we had to do. Everyone here was so helpful and so cheerful. You know I would get help from the nurse aides. It’s a good experience now and I really, really like it here!

Brian: Well good. These last few months, what has kept you positive during these challenging times?

Marilyn: Well I’m glad you asked that question because I am giving a lot of credit to one of my birthrights, and that’s my cheery attitude. I’ve always been this way. My dad was this way. I just try to make good out of bad situation, what ever it is. And my kids, I have four fabulous kids. They were calling me pretty much one a day. They kind of helped me through it too. My oldest son commented on a couple of occasions that, ‘Mom you’re in the right place, you’re going to be safe’. And that just really moved me because that’s exactly what it’s doing. This is a safe place and it’s just really cool to be part of this big family.

Brian: And what would you say to our Primrose staff in Kokomo?

Marilyn: I would thank them and their cheerfulness and caring attitude. I have not had one tiny little fraction of a bad experience. It’s been really very pleasant. They really cater to us and I’m talking about the whole family here, not just me. It’s an amazing group of women and men. There’s a young man that comes in on the weekends and he’s kind of a computer whiz. I was having trouble with my computer so I asked if he could come in some time if he had 10 minutes. He did and it was fixed in 20 seconds. I said ‘oh thanks!’ They kind of go that extra mile no matter what it is. It’s been a very, very, very good experience with the staff. It’s good to get know to them, kind of develop some new friends

Brian: Well it was nice to meet you.

Marilyn: Thank you, it was really nice to meet you. I hope we do meet some day.

Brian: So do I.

Marilyn: Ok.

Brian: You take care.