On the tenth episode of the ‘Visits from the Heart’ series Jim Thares, Founder and CEO of Primrose Retirement Communities, talks with Tom at our Zanesville, OH Primrose location. Tom has been at Primrose for nearly four years and is grateful to be living in place that takes such great care of it’s residents.

Jim: Hi Tom, how are you?

Tom: Very good, thank you, thanks for asking.

Jim: Just talking about this last few months and with the COVID, and how has that affected you?

Tom: Well I hopefully get a ‘get out of jail’ card soon. Shala (the Executive Director) has worked very hard to keep us safe. At this time in my life now, that’s very important.

Jim: Finding a balance between keeping you healthy physically and keeping you healthy mentally, so that was the most important part. Not knowing what this virus was going to do but certainly knowing it impacted our seniors more. To be in this business you have to be passionate about what you do. We are really fortunate to have a lot of really great employees that share that passion. If you had a chance to say anything to our Primrose staff, what would you like to share with the staff?

Tom: The staff here does well. They do everything they can to be courteous and helpful. Whenever you ask them to help you, they are very accommodating. I’m and Eagle Scout and I spent a lot of time volunteering, with 40 years in scouting. And as they said to me, everything starts from the top. Whether that’s you and the company or Shala here or the other managers throughout the country.

Jim: What kind of activities do you enjoy?

Tom: I attend the coffee sessions that they have here, the bus trips that they are able to provide. I do those, those are quite enjoyable. They bring in, up until now, some very nice entertainment groups to keep us happy here.

Jim: I guess the only other question I have is, does Shala make sure she has plenty of ice cream on hand?

Tom: Why yes, she does well. But the downside of that is, you don’t have that problem, but at my age if I visit the ice cream parlor too often, why that makes my tummy get bigger and I don’t need that at this time in my life

Jim: Well Tom, it was a pleasure visiting with you today. I hope you continue to hang in there and stay strong and we’ll get through all this. I appreciate your support of Primrose and everything you do. You take care and you stay healthy.

Tom: Well thank you kind sir. It’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to literally see you personally and talk to you a little bit. Thank you very much.

Jim: Alright, you take care.