As we age, we are at risk of increased vulnerability to certain types of diseases. Seniors need to stay educated about these illnesses so that they can be proactive in taking the steps necessary to reduce the likelihood of physical problems. Here are three of the most common diseases facing seniors:

Capture One Catalog1030Heart Disease

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death i n adults age 65 and older. Blood pressure and cholesterol are the biggest risk factors to monitor, but when there are problems they can often be completely symptomless. That is why it is vital for seniors to undergo periodic blood testing to accurately monitor and, if necessary, treat these factors. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and staying physically active are also great ways to prevent heart disease.


The American Diabetes Association indicates that one in four adults over the age of 60 has diabetes. Seniors, in particular, are at great risk from the negative health effects of this disease. There are two different types of Diabetes. Type 1 is hereditary and much less common than Type 2, which can be controlled through diet and, in some cases, medication. Diabetes can be easily identified with blood testing and the earlier it is detected the more treatable it is.


52 million adults in the U.S. experience some form of arthritis, with seniors being among those at greatest risk. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of the disease, but rheumatoid and gout are also prevalent. Be on the lookout for swelling of joints or chronic joint pain – and if you experience these conditions be sure to get in contact with a doctor. There are effective treatments for arthritis available once it has been diagnosed.

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